Best Canadian Universities for 2015

Canada is the home of prestigious universities such as Mount Allison, Simon Fraser, McGill, and many others. They are among the best universities for 2015 in terms of international outlook, academics and research, teaching, and performance.

McGill University

Found in Montreal, Quebec, McGill University offers diplomas and degrees in about 300 fields of study and is ranked 1st in Canada and 21st in the world. The university offers degrees in nursing, occupational therapy, management, engineering, education, law, field studies, and many others. The Faculty of Arts is the largest and offers undergraduate, postdoctoral, and graduate programs. The majority of students are enrolled in the management, engineering, medicine, science, and arts faculties.

Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser is a prestigious institution of higher education found in Burnaby, British Columbia. It is ranked 1st in Canada by Maclean’s and is known for its worldwide research linkages. Simon Fraser offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in cognitive science, anthropology, criminology, First Nations studies, economics, and other programs. There are programs and services for international students and aboriginal people, including the Elders Program, career services, the Office for Aboriginal Peoples, the Indigenous Student Centre, and others.

Mount Allison

Mount Allison is found in Sackville, New Brunswick and is one of the top universities in Canada. Students can choose from a number of Bachelor programs, including BA in Arts, Music, Fine Arts, Commerce, and Science. There are over 40 programs for students to choose from. The university offers degrees in Japanese and Hispanic studies, geography, environmental science, chemistry, applied physics, and others. Admission is based on a number of factors, including growth potential, leadership skills, and academic record, among others. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, from events to exhibitions, workshops, and a lot more.

Queen's University

Found in Kingston, Ontario, Queen's University is a top public research university and is ranked 4th in Canada by Maclean’s. The university offers certificates, doctoral degrees, Master’s degree programs, and Bachelor’s degrees. Prospective students can choose from different faculties, including health sciences, engineering and applied science, education, law, business, and arts and science. The School of Postgraduate Studies offers some 120 programs as well as collaborative, interdisciplinary, and cross-faculty programs. Queen’s University is also the first choice of international students from over 70 countries. The language of communication and instruction at Queen’s is English.

University of Victoria

One of the top institutions of higher education in Canada, the University of Victoria offers degree programs and distance education classes. Students can choose from graduate and undergraduate programs as well as continuing and professional studies. Indigenous and interdisciplinary studies are also available. The law faculty offers three programs – PhD in Law and Society, LLM in Law and Society, and Juris Doctor. Undergraduate students can choose from different degrees, including biology, applied linguistics, computer science, Canadian studies, geography and computer science, and so on. Exploratory studies are also an option for students who are not planning to complete a degree program.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is also a major public research university in Ontario, ranked 2nd in Canada. There are more than 700 degree programs for undergraduate students to choose from, including American studies, accounting, astronomy and physics, Buddhist studies, biology, and others. Majors, minors, and specialist programs are available as well. They are offered by a range of centers, schools, faculties, and colleges, and students benefit from diverse experiences and study environments.